About Me

Hi there – I’m Cassandra. I’m a first year teacher in small town rural Saskatchewan. Although I am trained in high school English, I am currently teaching middle years in a split grade classroom. Throughout my time in university, I became invested in anti-oppression. I developed a strong interest in feminism, environmental education, mental health advocacy, community involvement and anti-racism pedagogy. One day I’ll be able to bring all these passions to life, but currently I am focussing on getting through my first year of teaching full time. Throughout this year, I have developed a deep respect for literacy and have discovered that I have a strength and passion for developing student literacy.

I strive to create excellent and trusting relationships with my students by working and learning alongside them. A successful classroom, in my eyes, is one that grows together and supports each other. I know that I am a successful teacher when students are asking critical questions and when they view themselves as creators and influencers. Students can become passionate, curious and empathetic citizens through interacting, getting to know and participating in the larger community.

I am a reader, a learner, an amateur artist and writer, an outdoors enthusiast, a wannabe wanderer, a daughter, a sister, a cat mom and a dedicated educator.




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