Teaching Philosophy

I’ve been inspired by people who are passionate about their subject: the ones that know the facts and go further to find new information, so I want to foster the questions that my students are curious about and challenge students to answer them through discussion with their peers and myself. Students will learn how to work with others respectfully. If my students are asking questions and being curious to find the answers on their own then I will know that I am an effective teacher. I want to draw my students to their inherent passions.

Students should demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of formats. Within the classroom, my strength is to design and facilitate learning activities for students that encourage critical thinking, and informed and active citizens. I will encourage students to use their technology for the dual purpose of interest and inquiry. I want to push myself to find ways to make my classroom diverse and hands-on as well as make other adaptations to include and meet the needs of each student. I will offer different perspectives and culturally relevant materials by including a variety of voices.

Through my work in the classroom and outside of the classroom, I aim to be very involved in the community of the school and broader communities and this is a strength that I hope to bring into the classroom and encourage in my students. This includes going to school events and participating in events in the surrounding community. The foremost basis of my classroom is relationship. By fostering respectful relationships with my students, I can push students, have high expectations, and they still feel supported. My classroom is governed by reciprocal accountability.


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