Teaching Experience


I interned at a public high school in Regina from September to December 2016. During this time, I taught ELA B10/B11, ELA B30/B31, ELA A30/A31 and Social Studies 9 in addition to coaching the girls soccer team. I developed a love for working with students whose priorities lie outside of school in classrooms that defy “normal”. I had the opportunity to teach in a program that is designed for young mothers. This strengthened my passion for alternative and relevant education fit to the needs of the students instead of teaching to the traditional classroom. In my more “traditional” classrooms, I worked with my cooperating teacher to develop strong routines and improve on my classroom management. I planned and facilitated learning opportunities and activities during my internship. One of the highlights was a Macbeth Murder Mystery that I planned with the help of the school Resource Officer. Another highlight was participating in the school wide Ribbon Project where students learned about one of the Calls to Action set forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and represented their newfound knowledge and commitment through visual art. I built off of the knowledge I gained in my pre-internship with regards to turning curriculum into practice and furthered this by implementing theory into practice. During my internship, I feel that I really got to know more about my pedagogy and gained an understanding of the theory supporting my practices.

Student work from the Ribbon Project
Macbeth Murder Mystery
My classroom set up. Despite my love for alternative classrooms, straight rows proved to be the most successful design for classroom management with these students.



I did my Pre-Internship at a Catholic high school in Regina for three weeks in March of 2016. While there, I taught 1-2 lessons a day in ELA B30 or ELA 20 AP. Throughout this experience, I gained insight into the school community, daily routines and had my first real taste of what it’s like to lead a classroom. I learned about turning curriculum into practice and the importance of relationships. The biggest ah-ha moment during my Pre-Internship was the effect that the physical space of a classroom has on the behaviour of the students. With support from my cooperating teacher, I began to develop my classroom management and routines.