Indigenizing My Teaching

The motivation for this project is two fold: firstly, to improve my confidence in teaching Treaty Education, and secondly, to learn more about the people with whom I share this land.

Now that I am no longer as connected to the university having completed my BEd, I don’t want to slip into a place of apathy. I want to continue to work towards my relationship to other as a Treaty Person living on Treaty Land. I’ve found it difficult in the short time since graduation to discuss issues of Treaty. I’ve recently moved to a small city based in the farming heartland of Canada – a place where there are no reserves within hours of driving. A place where the faces are homogeneously white. It’s easy to forget that this is Treaty land because the notion that this is old farm land is strong. It’s easy to forget that there were homes and vibrant livelihoods here long before this was the mustard and lentil capital of the world.

I will work towards this goal in a few different ways. Underlying my learning will be the University of Alberta course that I have recently enrolled in called Indigenous Canada, a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). I also hope to reach into my bookshelf and read some of the books that I’ve purchased but didn’t have time to read while in school. My To Read list is lengthy so there will be no shortage of knowledge and perspective from this. Finally, I hope to delve into Crystal Fraser and Sara Komarnisky’s 150 “Acts of Reconciliation for the Last 150 Days of Canada’s 150” in an effort to start myself on a path to building relationships. Unfortunately, it’s hard to build relationships with the Indigenous people in this particular location due to the decentralization and historical relocation but I do hope to support Indigenous communities in any way possible.


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