Wow, long time, no blog…

I’ve been having a very guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach because I haven’t blogged YET this semester. I’ve reflected lots but not on this medium. I’ve started thinking more about polishing up my thoughts and having revised posts but at the same time, I want to show my students draft work and train of thought. I want to show my students that sometimes it’s not about the mechanics and having a fully polished, publishable piece and instead, it’s about the quality of thought and critical thinking. That being said, I also want to show case some of my best thoughts and ideas and how I choose to represent this in polished pieces. Over the summer, I hope to expand on a few of my thoughts I have kept to myself in more polished pieces on my blog.

That being said, I’ve been very busy this semester in pre-internship so I’ve got lots to say and I have one topic I want to address as it’s relevant. Today, I attended the UR STARS event Treaty Education in ELA and it was phenomenal

.IMG_9809 (1)

I’ve been actively trying to be more involved with UR STARS this semester and I genuinely feel that I’m in the right place being in this group. Having this support group is so critical in this field and in pursuing anti-oppression education.


I will blog more about my experiences during this professional development event soon but, for now, I just wanted to get my certificate onto my online portfolio (and brag mostly.) Being in UR STARS motivates me to do the best that I can do.  Even if the best that I can do varies from day to day, I know that I am still working towards anti-oppressive education.  Everything is hard but if it’s worth doing, you do it anyways and I know that this is a cause worth taking up and a life-long learning pursuit.


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