Life After My #LearningProject

Since my learning project, I have continued with my eating healthy. I have also added a work-out plan. I was on the 21 day fix program through Beach Body and I loved it so much that I became a coach. I’ve seen some amazing transformations and despite not having created an amazing transformation in myself I feel that the support and optimism that these women and men give to each other is something that I want to be a part of. I lost about 4 pounds and 5 inches during my first 21 day fix but I’ll admit that December certainly got the best of me. However, I’m going to stop blaming it on December because I haven’t been giving it my all. In the New Year, I’m running a challenge group and even before then, I’m going to start being actually committed to this. One of my upline coaches was talking about how she thought she was committed but then in reality when she deconstructed her behaviours and actions, she wasn’t giving it her all. This is has been happening to me. I find myself thinking that I’m following the eating plans that I want to be and then I’ll binge on the majority of a take-out pizza late at night. Obviously, I’m not going to stop eating pizza but I definitely didn’t need EIGHT pieces. (Yikes, I just counted that and it makes my stomach turn). That makes me feel so guilty. Boredom, emotional and binge eating can’t play a role in my lifestyle anymore if I want to be healthy for myself and my family. I want to set an example and show my friends and family that this can be done and I don’t need to start in the New Year. I need to start listening to my body and how I feel when I eat. I’m going to work hard from this point on to get the body and the brain that I want.


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