Final #Learningproject Reflections

Some of the faults of my goal were that it wasn’t specific enough which I mentioned in my second post and that my goal wasn’t really achievable. In regards to being achievable, there was no number that I set out to achieve and I think that is a product of the unlearning aspect. It’s one of those things that I’m always going to have to work towards but I definitely think that I maybe even surpassed my expectations. I thought it would be easier to avoid eating out but it was very hard for me and I did have some not so great days and weeks. I still struggled with my boredom eating and love of junk food but I think within the last few weeks I kicked it back up a notch and I’ve been doing very well. I think I did fail in the specific aspect in that I definitely should have pushed myself more. Now, that I know what I am capable of, I think that I will be able to set a more reasonable goal for myself for the future. in terms of being measurable, I did see a huge decrease in my spending on food. My weight didn’t change much, but my attitude and my energy level did and that’s a non-scale victory that I’m more proud of than I would have been with losing x amount of weight. Lastly, being results focussed, I definitely made a habit of critically evaluating what I put in my body. I don’t have as many recipes in my repertoire as I would have liked, but I probably doubled or tripled my comfort zone in regards to the foods that I cook. I made hard-boiled eggs last night (seems easy but for some reason, my anxiety got the best of me for a long time) and breaded and fried chicken, both for the first time ever!


When I was reflecting on my first post, I found that I actually do have time to cook healthy and workout, I just have to make it a priority. On Facebook, someone recently posted that instead of saying “I don’t have time for that”, try saying “that isn’t a priority for me” and see how that feels. Guess what? It doesn’t feel great to think that you aren’t making your health a priority for yourself. My project has changed the way that I think about food and my thoughts towards health. I came up with healthy quick meals and all of a sudden, I was spending more and more time in the kitchen AND not dreading it. I did my research and created my habits so I think I did well on this project but am I going to stop here? NO WAY!

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One thought on “Final #Learningproject Reflections

  1. Cassandra over the past couple months I enjoyed reading some of your blog posts and checking out pictures of what you have been making. I know for me eating healthy is a struggle and I can always come up with an excuse not to workout. I found your posts really relatable.


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