My First Mini Adventure into Meal Planning

I did lots of research this week on meal planning. Lots of the tips were from seasoned professionals and were things that are pretty tough for beginners. Throughout learning to eat healthy, I’ve been hearing rumblings of chia seeds. I learned about (and bought) chia. Chia is a “superfood” with loads of benefits as I found out in “Chia Seed Benefits: 10 Reasons to Add Chia to Your Diet”. Some people use chia in place of eggs but I’m really good at ruining cooking so instead I opted to try them out first in a smoothie. (I have a picture but it just looks like purple mush and it’s not that appetizing but it does taste great). I love raspberries in my smoothie, but I’m not a fan of the little seeds in my smoothies so I worried about adding more seeds. I loved how the seeds blew up and got mushy. I really couldn’t even tell that they were in there. In another blog post, I mentioned that I try to avoid eating fish and Chia seeds are a great source of the same antioxidants in blueberries and omega-3s that are in Fish.

Another thing that I tried – as I promised – was meal planning. I didn’t go crazy just in case it failed, but I’ve been hearing wonderful things about mason jar salads. I didn’t make a plan for the week, but I just wanted to start in on planning for meals when I won’t be home since this seems to be where I struggle the most. I’d rather pick something up at a fast food place than get up early and make myself a lunch. I just made one salad in a jar. It took me all week to collect some mason jars from my grandmothers house but I just finished my salad and it was SO worth it. I don’t really like the name, but I did find lots of inspiration from Organize Yourself Skinny. I made up the recipe for my salad because it was easier than lots of their suggestions. Essentially you put the wet ingredients on the bottom and the dry ingredients on the top so they don’t wilt. These mason jar salads will stay fresh for about a week in the fridge.

This week I was also luckIMG_7701y because we had no food in the house so I got to start fresh for the week. I made a huge grocery list and then my mom and I went to the grocery store and bought some of it. As I live at both my mom’s and my dad’s house I often don’t get a say in what groceries are bought. Obviously we didn’t get everything on the list. I did borrow some ideas from different grocery list examples that I found. 




My mason jar salad:

Lime salad dressing, tomatoes, chicken (precooked in a package – you can get differently seasoned ones too), cheese and lettuce.


I love avocado! This creation is a bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese with avocado on top with salt and pepper.


Overall, this week is probably the most traditional learning that I’ve done and also the most applicable in my life. I learned about different healthy foods (like chia), I went through the motions with making a grocery list (based on my planning for the week), and then followed through by making my mason jar salad. I will definitely be making more of these salads. Mine was SUPER yummy and I knew exactly when I was going to eat it (Friday – today – for lunch). I didn’t have to play guesswork or buy food and scramble in the morning to make lunch. This next week I’m not sure what I will discover next, but Tuesday, November 10th, I will be making a full meal for myself and 5 other people so stay tuned and pray for fast pizza delivery if it’s a flop!


2 thoughts on “My First Mini Adventure into Meal Planning

  1. Nicely done, Cassandra! I really like the idea of meal planning and should work on that myself. I agree – it’s so easy to grab something quick (and usually not as healthy) versus actually prepping a healthy meal, especially during the busyness of school! Your learning project is inspiring me to make some healthy changes, too! 🙂


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