Busy Week Struggles

So this last week I was pretty busy visiting my partner in Saskatoon and with papers and other various homework/work type things and I really struggled since my last post boasting about my changes and improvements. I guess I got a little ahead of myself. This week I’m really working hard to combat the bad week I had last week and the beginning of this week. Not that it was bad (It’s definitely far better than many other times I can remember but still far from where I want to be). I struggled to find time to get in my daily steps this week and active minutes which isn’t related to my learning project, but I think it’s still worth mentioning. This habit of overloading myself with work is a negative trend that I hope to combat throughout my years. I know that I struggle with working too much and not leaving time to enjoy myself, often pushing down things that I need to deal with in my personal life to live a happy and enjoyable life. This week I am trying to spend more time on me things (reading, exercising, listening to music, eating healthier, maybe cooking some foods, meal prep is definitely coming but that’s a huge goal and I think I need to start a little smaller than that, drawing, printing colouring pages?, writing, blogging, reflecting etc.). While it wasn’t healthy, I did make cookies this week and something clicked for me.


It didn’t take as long as cooking usually does (often when I cook it takes at least an hour or two or three, usually far beyond the planned and expected “recipe time”) but this time I follow the recipe and my cookies still didn’t look done. So of course, me being and abysmal baker, I cooked them for 10 minutes longer and when they came out, they were burnt. I was so obsessed with getting them the way that I wanted them that I didn’t have faith in my recipe and I should have because they would have been perfect and far less crunchy. I am obsessed with being perfect, but I noticed that I need to relax and trust that by following the directions it will turn out and if it doesn’t, I’m sure my dogs would love a snack.

Some more highlights from the week:


Rice – from a package (takes two minutes in the microwave), corn casserole – also a microwave food that I found on the internet that only takes a few minutes and very few ingredients and chicken – which turned out pretty dry but still edible with greek seasoning because we didn’t even had bbq sauce so I grabbed the first spice blend I found. For my first adventure with the bbq (ever..) I think it wasn’t bad!


One minute omelette in a mug. Just crack eggs and add any desired omelette toppings (I have cheese, green onion and tomatoes) and then microwave it for a minute. For this one, I had two eggs and the tomatoes left some water at the bottom so I put it in for another 30 seconds just to get it a little less wet.

Each week I am trying new recipes and venturing a little further from my comfort zone. Normally I don’t use Pinterest, and recipe websites and apps leave me more hungry than motivated, they have given me some inspiration. I used to use Yummly, but I found that many of the recipes have unusual ingredients or that one thing that you never would think to buy at the grocery store because you’d use it in one recipe and then leave it in a top cupboard near the back to be forgotten. I live with my parents and it’s hard to justify being a poor student and buying these ingredients for fancy dishes that will just make my parents complain about a messy kitchen.  I’m struggling to find things to eat. This week however, I’ve realised that not every meal has to be a casserole with potatoes and salad (and this thought was probably why I was eating so much and so often) but instead, a meal can be an apple and some soup from a can (which is about all that I was able to cook). Because I didn’t really cook at all before starting this project, noodles or soup would have been ambitious for cooking a meal. I would opt for something grab and go. But now, that I am trying more ambitious foods, soup and noodles seem like a quick go to. Hopefully as I cook more, these usual ingredients and longer cook times will become more normal for me. My comfort zone is expanding little by little. I’m adventuring further into the worlds of Yummly and Pinterest (both linked above). I’m more curious when I see recipes online instead of brushing them off. Hopefully, despite my lazy, busy week, that this trend will continue in a positive way. In the upcoming weeks, my plan is to

  1. Try more new recipes
  2. Post my running meal diary and critique it
  3. Use more and discuss the apps that are helping me on my journey
  4. If I’m feeling really adventurous, I hope to research meal planning and try this out.



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