Not Digging It

This week I looked at Feedly. I had a brief run in with Digg but I couldn’t figure it out within two minutes and so I ended up back at Feedly (which I had already added categories to).  I find that with most apps or websites if I can’t find what I want within a few minutes of getting there, then I tend to give up. Sometimes if I hear good things about it after I will go back and try harder like I did with Evernote and I ended up really liking it and the other apps and extensions that work with Evernote. I had already put a bunch of categories on my Feedly account and because I couldn’t figure out how to do something similar I returned back at Feedly.

Feedly essentially is a site that takes your interests and compiles articles for you to read. I might use it if I had more time but for the moment Facebook seems to be a better way for me to access this kind of information as I am on it anyways whereas I would have to go out of my way to get to Feedly. I also found that the articles weren’t really my style. I tried to follow the same things I follow on facebook and many of them were there. My human interest sites such as Everyday Feminism and Buzzfeed Food  were there but I was still missing the more inspirational things that I like. The reader in me was interested, but the artist in me was left disappointed. My soul seems to feed off of grand thoughts, narratives and visuals. While it’s lovely that all these interesting things are compiled in one place, I miss the connection I have with more visually based websites such as tumblr. Maybe as I use Feedly more I will be able to refine what I like and don’t like more so that it better suits my personality.

I could see myself using this in the future for myself in relation to my professional life but for now I’m more familiar with facebook and tumblr. (however if someone could help me get into Pinterest, I’ve been trying for a long time and I’m struggling but I hear that it’s a wonderful resource!)

I did like that it split everything up for you and then you have thumbnails of all the top articles. I dislike that lots of the features are unavailable if you don’t pay for them. I don’t really even have time to get caught up with my friends lives or watch the news so I need something a little less out of the way for me at the moment. In the future, Feedly could be a valuable resource for me but for now I think it will end up on my backburner.


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