An unusual/unexpected side effect

So I’ve been actively eating healthier for a month now (and actively procrastinating on learning to cook but I’ve tried a few things) and while this is not my only life goal I’ve noticed some changes within my life style. Since last week I have not lost any weight – which is fine – but my BMI has fallen down to a level I haven’t seen since May which is really exciting! I’ve been trying to get in 30 mins of exercise each day even just in the form of walking on the spot while doing homework. I’ve been trying to make healthy choices and while for the most part it’s been going well, I still find that I am having bad days (ex October 6th – yesterday – I ate cheesy bread, dominos pizza, sour cherry candies, raspberries, Doritos and a chocolate bar… Yikes and I only walked about 7000 steps) since the beginning of September I haven’t even spent 200$ on fast food! (199.22$) while this is still too much, last year I recorded spending 466$ on AVERAGE each month (not even the one bad month with midterms and papers etc) so I really think this is an improvement (I can’t say I’m mad about how my bank account looks either). I’ve also been focussing on drinking water and at this point I’m drinking at least 1-2 litres of water per day (most days on the 2-3L side). As I’ve been increasing my water intake I’ve noticed that the more I drink, the more I want to drink – essentially it’s been getting easier to drink those previously dreaded 8 cups each day. Hello new habit! (now if only I could eat more healthy).

As a side note I’ve been also working on a few personal goals such as recording my mood, trying out meditation for the first time, reading or writing before I fall asleep etc and I’ve noticed -if not by eating healthier then combination of all these things – that curiously I’ve improved my time management. I find that my homework is done earlier with more time made for these activities, I’m less late (or early) when going places, I have had more time for myself (doing my hair and makeup),  and I’m going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier with more energy throughout the day. I do attribute the added energy to the healthier eating and exercise but this was not a change I was expecting to see and I’m pleasantly surprised! I’ve kind of fallen out of the online training in favour of recording so I will have to step up my progress in that sense  but overall I’ve seen some enlightening and positivity changes so far and I’m loving where this is headed!

 Looks gross but jokes on you because it’s wonderful, made in a mug in the microwave, and only takes two minutes total.

My newfound love of water

My homemade pizza! Topped with ham, pineapple and green peppers! I also tried half with barbecue sauce instead of pizza sauce!



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