Deviant learners (those who lack conformity to the common sense)

I’m intrigued by Kumashiro’s idea of common sense ( I think we just use different terminology for it here). A “good student” is someone who listens and conforms to the lessons. A good student speaks proper English and articulates their ideas well based on a dominant format and way of knowing. The students who are privileged by this definition are those of the dominant class. Common sense deems students who learn in different ways (kinesthetic learners, learners who are raised by cultures that discourage eye contact for one example) as lesser. Anyone who doesn’t fit into this box of conformity to the dominant culture is not given a place in this classroom, common sense or hidden curriculum. Those of the dominant class often succeed in the system that promotes their beliefs and ways of knowing. Not only does this dominant practice leave marginalized students further behind, it also steals away the opportunity to engage in debate and perspectives of different social structures or even possible structures that we haven’t considered. It’s impossible to believe that all students will be gathering knowledge through this system because it doesn’t give space for ‘deviant’ learners to process information and learn. It’s hard to think that marginalized voices are able to be heard in an authentic way through our common sense. These students are seen as less intelligent because they haven’t been given the chance to hear comfortable, authentic voices of their people.


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