The First of Many (Rants)

So I was freaking out about what to write that could be related to educational technology this week for my blog post and I thought to myself I wish I could just write about the interview that I saw on Super Soul Sunday with Alanis Morissette because I thought she was so insightful and well-spoken and after viewing this video I wanted to go out and learn more about her theology and things that she talked about with Oprah. And then (Ed profs would just eat this up) I reflected on my own learning. I asked questions of myself regarding the video:

-Did it encourage me to think critically?

-Did it open my mind to a new perspective?

-Did I question what she was saying?

-Did I grow by watching this video?

And the answer was yes. It may not be related directly to a strategy for learning found on the internet and it isn’t necessarily a tool used in a classroom (well youtube is) but I still grew just from listening to someone speak. This opened up my mind to educational technology a little bit more. Educational technology is a vast and expansive field implemented in many ways but sometimes we look at so many micro pieces that we miss the bigger picture. Educational technology is so popular because it allows for the sharing of ideas by breaking down geographical and physical barriers. That is why websites like youtube and Ted talks are so important. Not only is educational technology tools but it’s also ideas that don’t necessarily have to be limited to the classroom. We share ideas all the time in hopes that someone else will connect with it and isn’t that what we hope for for our students – for them to make meaningful connections to their lives? Just because I wouldn’t show this particular video in my classroom doesn’t mean that it’s not educational. It certainly helped me view things a little differently. I also believe that the opposite is true. Not all learning has to be confined to subject areas in schools. Lots of learning happens outside the classroom in low key situations like your favourite youtube channel or a listicle that intrigues and inspires you or gives you a new idea to think about or try. If you google education the definition says: “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university” which I find fault with (more in a later blog post I’m sure or also a little in my previous post) because my love for transmission education often falls short but Google also defines education as “an enlightening experience.” The video isn’t for everyone but it happened to catch my interest and for me it really was enlightening and educational.


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