Here We Go


So I ‘ve been working on this goal for about two weeks now as I thought I was going to try something else first. This post will focus mostly on the “SMART” aspect of my goal/project. My project seems a little wishy-washy as I haven’t completely tacked down what my project is I just want to lead a healthier life and I don’t know how.

My goal is to learn how to develop the habit of eating healthy and show this by implementing this habit within my own life by the end of the semester.

Specific: This is the only failure of my goal. I basically wanted to eat healthier and learn how to cook food that I like. A cuisine seemed like a daunting goal when I can’t even make grilled cheese or boil water for pasta without it rolling over. I wated something I could practice and do in short increments as I don’t ahve lots of time to sit down and learn for hours on end. I have to eat regardless so this seemed to be the best. I’ve geared this towards how to create the habit of eating healthy and theres an app for that which I was surprised. Diet Mint works to help you identify good foods and find them more quickly and, in theory, this is supposed to help you crave healthier foods and choose them more often when you are searching them out. It takes four pictures (3 unhealthy foods and 1 healthy food) and makes you choose fast which is the healthy picture. It gives points based on how fast you choose the healthy picture.

Measurable: I will measure this by 1) monitoring the decrease on my spending of money on junk food via my credit card statement and 2) hopefully losing weight (not my main goal but hopefully a side effect of eating healthier) or maybe even gaining it if I decide to up my protein intake and take my lazy butt to the gym

Achievable: Because this is more of something to help get me on the right track there isn’t really something to achieve. It will be an ongoing process of working towards eating and cooking healthier. (Kind of like how you can’t really achieve being a social justice educator and advocate but you can be one at the same time)

Results Focussed: My hope for my results is that I will have the critical thinking in place to choose healthier options and by the end I hope to have a variety of recipes that I can make for any meal that are healthy and quick go-to’s.

Time Bound: This is not limited to this semester but by the end I should be able to see a difference in my credit card statement for sure. Habits are harder to show so I will be keeping a food diary as well.

I also have been using a FitBit (not related to this project but it’s a pretty nifty thing)

I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds from just eating healthier in about a week. I’m starting to make better choices. I used to eat fast food or buy food from somewhere almost every day. In this summer and last year I calculated that my average amount of money spent on fast food is about 466$ each month


My tools: I’ve been using Coach Me, Diet Mint (see above), Good Habit Maker and the You app. I’ve also been following BuzzFeed Food on Facebook for cooking ideas. I love BuzzFeed Food because I’m on facebook anyways and it’s easy to get ideas right to my newsfeed. Coach Me is the app I use the most because I have lots of other goals on Coach Me (and I’ve found that I’ve had a better outlook on my life from using Coach Me). Good Habit Maker definitely isn’t something I would pay for, but it helps keep me on track. Essentially it just sends me notifications on my phone that say “I enjoy eating healthy”. This positive and constant but not consistent (it sends between 5-7 reminders every day between a certain time but not the same time and not at intervals and you can change how many times a day you want to be reminded) reinforcement is supposed to help you develop healthy habits (So I guess we will find out if it works). The You app is also a little like Coach Me in that it isn’t restricted to eating healthy. It has categories of 1-minute exercises to do throughout your day. The idea behind this app is that it shouldn’t take a long time each day to develop a happy, healthy life but instead that you do one thing a day or take one minute out of your day to help create that habit. I find it to be very serene which is nice. I have kind of done an overhaul of my life in the recent few months to focus less on school and more on myself and friends and family and the things that make me happy and eating healthier was one small part in this (I also am trying to read more, exercise a little more, worry a little bit less and just get connected with the natural and spiritual parts of my being as it occurred to me that I was only going through the motions of living not actually enjoying it) My psychologist asked me why I worked so much and I really didn’t have an answer for her as I make far more money than what I need to cover the few bills I have and live comfortably and it sparked something in me. Eating healthy and taking care of myself is very important to me and I want to spend my time learning how to do that.

This week I tried lots of new things but my two favourites were homemade pizza night and corn casserole in a mug in the microwave (which by the way is the best way to make any food – eggs, personal cakes, casseroles, chips maybe even?) Seriously just google things you can make in a mug in the microwave!!

Have a good week!


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