Step number one

So as you can all tell from the above examples: my cooking skills leave far to be desired. For my learning project I was going to learn about the stock markets and finances but I felt that I needed something that I could actually use and demonstrate. Now my problem isn’t cooking but more so that I feel that I don’t have the time or effort to devote to eating healthy home cooked meals so for my learning project I will be exploring different aspects of habits and the psychology behind creating habits and I will show this through implementing healthier cooking habits while simultaneously learning how to cook and get into a rhythm of cooking for myself. When I take the time to cook I can do a fairly good job.  

  But before I can get into this habit I will need to feed more comfortable and find enjoyment in cooking and eating healthier. I will have to change my ideas towards cooking. My first step will be to come up with a repertoire of healthy quick meals I can make with simple ingredients. My learning project essential is two fold: first research and then create the habit of healthy eating and cooking. I will do this using apps, information and online sources  for creating habits and cooking tools, websites and apps. 


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