What I Did This Summer

With the weather becoming less pleasant and with the verge of third-year university looming, summer seems far less exciting than the thrill of a new school year. But this summer brought many changes for me. I cut eight inches of my hair off and one of my best friends and I drove seven hours to see our role model in concert. I began to identify myself as someone who struggles with mental illness. I felt worthy of being loved for the first time by a man who is my speed, who is what I want for my life. My new job as a server continues to test me and keep me just outside of my comfort zone. I made decisions for myself. I took control by allowing others to help me. I allowed myself to not be okay. I became my own priority and that is something I will keep with me for a long time. So if I have to write a “what I did this summer”, it will be focussed more on the lessons I learned than what I actually did. “That’s something you did; that’s not who you are… You need to be kind to yourself if you’re going to be able to keep going” – Taylor Swift.


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