CR7.1 Social Responsibility (Revised)


View, listen to, comprehend and respond to a text that addresses social responsibility.


b) Responding to and interpreting texts: Offer reasonable interpretations of the video, evaluate the ideas, arguments, and influence of texts; support personal and critical responses with support from text; evaluate effectiveness of ideas, elements, techniques, and overall effect; develop personal responses and offer reasons for and examples of judgments, feelings and opinions.


Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan communication of social responsibilities handout

Professional Development Plan


In the comments for the revisions I should make for my lesson plan most of them were centred on my outcomes and indicators but I really felt that I touched on all the aspects of the outcome and indicator so I revised the explanation of the development. This lesson went over very well and even my students who require adaptive dimensions were able to participate. I think the thing that I most need to work on is giving instructions for the handouts. I have students asking questions that I had never considered. I think this will just come with practice. More Comments.


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