PE7.13 Sportsmanship and Working Together


Role model and practise the behaviours associated with demonstrating responsibility and caring for others to support personal growth in making positive connections while participating in movement activities.


  1. Evaluate own attitudes, values, and behaviour related to interacting with others while participating in, or encouraging others to participate in, movement activities.
  2. Self-assess personal progression through the five levels of a social skills continuum (i.e., irresponsible behaviour, self-control, involvement, responsibility, and caring for others) on a regular basis.



Professional Development Plan

Comments: This lesson ended up being way too short and the last activity didn’t go over so well so my partner and I had the kids try to sit as a group on each other’s knees. Classroom management was difficult because of the switching activities and trying to explain them. This lesson could have been better if we had laid out the activities in the classroom before going to the gym. The kids still had fun and hit the indicators it was just a little hectic getting there! More Comments.


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