Final Reflections

My goals were:

1) to use different and new teaching styles in every lesson

2) To use formative assessment to understand where my students are in order to know if they’re retaining the information in a meaningful way

3) time management

I feel that I did pretty well in hitting all of my goals. The first one was easy because I was teaching Language Arts and Phys.Ed. for the majority of the lessons. For the language arts lessons, the students worked on a blog and did hand out sheets in groups. The students loved using the technology and were really engaged through this. They also liked the handouts because they related to a music video we watched in class. Using technology really benefitted these lessons and the students learned by doing (analyzing, critiquing, creating their own responses and stories). The Phys. Ed. lessons were hands on for the students. Sometimes during Phys.Ed. it was hard to keep them in line and on task but the students in this classroom were excellent.

Formative assessment was interesting because most of my assessment was observation based but even through that I was able to clearly see who was understanding the information. This was a classroom with many students with disabilities and it was really hard to find adaptions for these kids. These were students who had educational aids but the aids were never there during the lesson so I struggled to adapt the lessons. Most of the students did awesome and I tried my best to target and help students who struggled with the lesson.

Time management was hit and miss. The majority of the time my lessons were a perfect length. Some of the lessons in the gym were tough to make long enough but my partner and I adapted them during the lesson by adding new rules in or taking out different aspects of the games. There was only one lesson in the classroom that ran long and that was because the computers took longer to set up and put away than I expected. We only ran about five minutes late for that lesson.

Overall I loved this experience. My coop gave LOTS of tips and tricks to dealing with the students. I think I learned the most about how to deal with students with disabilities. Having so many exceptional students in the classroom was a blessing. The students in this classroom were just as good as the coop said they would be and they didn’t slip up very often. Sometimes I wish I was able to experience a tougher classroom because the students in mine would do anything I tell them to. But on the other hand, this was a great environment to learn about students with disabilities and the types of adaptations they need in order to succeed in the classroom.


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