CC7.8 “Kenta and the Big Wave” Response Stories

Outcome: Write to describe a person; to narrate an imaginary incident or story; to explain and inform in a news story, a factual account, and a business letter; to persuade in a letter and in interpretation of a text.


-Use appropriate point of view (including third person) when writing for particular audience and purpose.

-Use transition words (e.g., first, then, next, before, after, however) to signal organizational pattern within compositions.

-Create narrative texts (e.g., recount an event) as follows: establish a context, plot, and point of view, use a range of narrative devices (e.g., dialogue, tension, suspense)make the narrative engaging, develop it systematically leading to a climax or conclusion.


Lesson plan

Their Assignment

* This blog is a compilation of the student’s responses to two lessons this semester. I created this blog as a material that the students can use.

Professional Development Plan


I have never seen a classroom so quiet and engaged as they were in this lesson. This was one of my favourite from the whole semester because the work that the students produced was more excellent than I expected!


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