More Phys. Ed

Yesterday’s lesson was phys. ed. again. My target was reviewing instructions and I think I fell short of this target but like my co-op said this is something that will come with time and practice. I did try to review but I could have done more as some students still didn’t understand the game. It didn’t help that my partner had made the lesson plan and I didn’t quite understand everything. Classroom management is ongoing and changing all the time with every classroom. I was very blessed this semester to be in such a great, caring classroom. Nonetheless, the students loved the game that we played. They were starting to get silly towards the end of the first game but we switched games and they jumped right back into it.

The first game we played was rock paper scissors tag. We had numbered the students into two teams before we left the classroom and they were to line up near the centre line in their groups. as a team they would choose one sign (rock paper or scissors) and they would collectively play rock paper scissors against the other team. The losing team would have to run back to the wall on their side of the gym and the winning team would have to try to tag them before they reach the wall. The students really enjoyed this once they caught on to how it was played. They started being a little silly and choosing other signs like putting their hands in the air towards the end of the game. If caught they would have to join the other team. We didn’t finish the whole game but they enjoyed it and it met the outcome in the curriculum.

The second game was like soccer but instead we used footballs. They also had fun with this. I think the things that I most need to work on with this lesson was reviewing instructions and monitoring students. My co-op pointed out that this class is very good and will do whatever we tell them to. Under different circumstances we may have needed to review the need for safety, no contact and spacial awareness. She also talked about maybe bringing in all the students who wander off and choose to sit out or chat and not participate fully. This will be easier when in a classroom full time.

Even though I didn’t fully meet my target I think this is something I can work on. This is something our co-op mentioned in almost every lesson and I really think it just comes with practice. Overall the students had fun and the lesson went over really well despite the slight lack of instructions. It was a fun way to end our time with these students, our co-op and this classroom.


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