The Most Quiet Classroom I’ve Ever Been In

This week was another make up lesson because my partner and I are still behind and probably won’t get in the full amount of lessons. My lesson was first thing in the morning (usually my partner and I are at the school in the afternoon), and according to Joy (Woodard) students tend to be more focused first thing in the morning, which worked to my benefit. After announcements I began my lesson by reading the students a book. This is more old school than I have been this whole semester. I try to incorporate technology into the lessons and it was still present in this lecture but in previous ones we have watched videos for the set.

The last time I taught language arts we started working on a blog that I set up. I post the assignments to the blog for the students to access. My cooperating teacher decided that she wants to mark this assignment that I did this week. They were to write a story in response or taking ideas from the story that I read “Kenta and the Big Wave”. They were so excited and into it that the classroom fell completely silent so much so that I didn’t want to even whisper to them. But my target this week was to engage the students and pick out who was struggling and give them ideas. I think that I did well on this. About 45 minutes into the lesson, some of the students had to leave for band so I was left with 2/3 of the classroom. I was able to work with students and give them ideas but some of them still weren’t able to write much and ended up not posting their assignments to the blog. I know who these students are and I tried to help them but going into this placement I was warned that some of the students just refuse to submit work. Some of the stories were excellent and I was very happy with how they turned out. I even sent a link to my mom and my cooperating teacher was thinking about how to send out links to the students parents so they can see what we were working on in class.

Overall this lesson was excellent. I think this is the best lesson I’ve taught yet and that the students really enjoyed working on it for the most part. I was very proud of how I was able to help the students who were struggling. Only about 3 students didn’t post their story by the end of class and I was almost expecting that. In the classroom there is a boy who has autism and it was frustrating that he got caught up in the writing process and wanted to plan out every element of the story. Being an english major I understand the importance of this but I was hoping he would get something down on paper. What he does write is excellent but he just spent too much time planning out the emotions, characters and mood he wanted to put in. I just thought this was a great learning experience, great for classroom management because they were so engaged and I was able to pull off a fun lesson.


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