Phys. Ed. struggles

This week we taught Phys. Ed. again and I’m starting to feel more comfortable with it. This week we took our coop’s advice and explained our expectations for when we clap in the gym. We had multiple activities planned out and some went very well and others didn’t. I think the boys were discouraged because they didn’t do as well as the girls. We could have questioned the students why the girls were able to perform the activities better. All the activities were cooperation activities in groups and teams. Sometimes it was frustrating because the same people would be in a group because they knew they would be able to perform the tasks better and some students felt more left out during more than one activity. There is one boy with autism and he was very upset that people were having trouble following directions. We have been struggling to create an adaptive dimension to combat these issues. (Any ideas?)

Our activities some of them didn’t do over so well and some of them were great. There was one activity where they had to hold hands in a circle and then be numbered off and lean in or out depending on their number. This didn’t work out at all. They thought when they were numbered that they would be in a team and left the circle. When we finally explained the activity better they still had trouble with holding hands and no one really balanced anyone else out. We had only chosen 3 activities and our lesson ended up being short but luckily we had a few more that we had just in case and that ended up being one of the most fun activities. The students were supposed to stand in a circle facing the same direction and sit on each other’s knees which didn’t work out so well but instead we improvised the activity to be boys against girls and they just made a line. The boys struggled with inclusion and feeling comfortable with each other but the product was very fun to watch and I think they had fun


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