Encounters with Phys. Ed.

This was my first Physical education lesson and it sure was an experience. I’ve never been a phys. ed. person but this was actually fun. Our teacher gave us some helpful tips in the pre-conference that allowed this lesson to be successful. We took her advice to explain the activities before going to the gym which was a HUGE help. Once we were in the gym we lost the students attention. Luckily the lesson wasn’t too complicated.

We started off by explaining the games before leaving the classroom. We played “the dye run” where there are a list of activities on the board and whatever number is rolled on the dice is the activity that the students have to do. Students run around the gym and every 30 seconds the dice are rolled. The students were coming in to see what number had been rolled which was a bit of an issue. The bigger issue however was the fact that the gym was so loud they couldn’t hear us call out the numbers. We also didn’t realize that two dice could never equal the number 1. We put twelve activities on the board by accident without considering that but that was only a minor issue.

We also played packman dodgeball. This was interesting because there were rules we hadn’t considered for example “are we allowed to line jump”. This actually worked to our advantage because the students played for about 15 minutes and then tired out but we switched up the rules a few times which kept them interested and engaged. It was hard to try to call them together to listen so we started clapping a rhythm and they would pay attention. I would use this again but I would explain the expectations better in the next class so hopefully they don’t just have to catch along as we go.


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