Adaptive Dimension and Reaching Each Student

My lesson this week was good but not great. I feel like I struggle to reach all of the students. My Coop teacher thought the lesson was great but I want to be able to reach all the students. I knew going into this that adaptive dimensions were going to be important because the teacher gave us a run down on each of the students and there are some students who really struggle as well as some students who are or suspected to be on the autism spectrum. Half way through the day, during recess, the teacher also informed us that there is a new student who won’t talk or respond to her at all that started this week. This student was not present during our lessons this week except during recess because she has severe anxiety.

Nonetheless, my lesson was good. The students were trying their best and lots of them did really good work. Sometimes they were a little off topic (posting off topic things) but for the most part they were all working hard towards the assignment. The technology definetly was engaging for them. Like I mentioned before some of the students really struggled to even sign into the blog. I encouraged students to post what they had down anyways even if it didn’t meet all of the criteria. Some just closed the laptops and didn’t post anything at the end but those who did post, did a great job! Some of the students use an aid who creates an adaptive dimension for all of the assignments further than what the teacher has. Overall I know that I reach the majority of the students and they were all engaged and learning but I just wish I could help them more.


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