First REAL lesson

This was my first lesson and I wasn’t there with my partner because it’s been a mess so far. The first week we were supposed to be in the schools, our classroom was supposed to have a winter survival field trip but they ended up not going because it was too cold. (Feb 4.) On the 11th of February, we were able to play our introductory game with the students. The week of the 18th was winter break and on February 25th the students were supposed to go to Mission Ridge  to go skiing but again it was too cold. This makes my partner and I a few weeks behind. For my first lesson with Grade 7s I thought this went over well. I was a little nervous to not have my partner there and to not be going at my regular time but I was able to pull it off.

For the lesson, we watched “Wavin’ Flag” performed by artists for Haiti after the Haitian earthquake. Most of my lessons will either be about natural disasters or will be Phys. Ed. lessons from the plans that have been laid out. I thought the students did well responding to my questions. I’m not used to being in such chatty classrooms after being in university for two years. There are lots of things that I find that I miss like having thorough instructions. One downfall to my lesson was that the students would work in small groups on a handout. On the handout, one side was to be answered as a group with only one recorder needed for the group and the other side was an individual assignment. Many students needed clarification about what was to be handed in. It was also difficult to learn names. My cooperating teacher suggested that to clarify instructions write them down and choose 3-4 students to recite parts of the assignment. I think going into this I didn’t realize how much I would need to clarify my directions. Another suggestion that my cooperating teacher had was to explain a little more about the video and earthquake before diving into the assignment. One child with autism in the classroom struggled because he thought the video meant he was a bad person so in the future, although the video wasn’t graphic, I think I would need to consider the connotations of the materials more carefully. Overall, I was really happy with the work that the students put into reflecting on and critiquing the video.

Lesson Plan communication of social responsibilities handout


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