Going To Need Some More Thought (Classroom Management)

Classroom management isn’t something I’ve put a lot of thought into. I worked in a day care for a year and a half so the rules were already laid out for me. I know that I need to start thinking about this because I am probably taking for granted how well the kids behave because there were rules laid out. I always thought that classroom management came easily but now I realize that the rules were in place before I was. I love the idea of class dojo. In my first year of education I saw class dojo in action but only briefly. I can see where that article was coming from about shaming students and I was also curious about what the benefit is of getting good points. I’ve met students who just wouldn’t care about getting points; there may have to be more incentive. I don’t think I would confuse a value for a rule however I do agree with less rules. Schools are institutions that come with their own rules. One idea that I had that interested me while reading these two articles was making a list of rules in cooperation with the students. I think this way the students would feel more compelled o follow the rules that they helped created and agreed upon. I find that it’s hard to come into someone’s classroom who has already set rules in place and try to find your own vibe within this classroom. The one rule I know that I will impose is that technology is encouraged. I disagree with banning cell phones in the classroom. I like less strict late policies because I feel that they reflect the student’s work more. I hope to foster more growth through encouragement than discouragement. I will have to put more thought into the rules I put in place in my classroom and I will definitely change them throughout my career.


4 thoughts on “Going To Need Some More Thought (Classroom Management)

  1. This is an interesting post. I think that schools should encourage the use of technologies, instead of restricting them, because technologies can bring several positive outcomes if they were used properly. Education is mostly conservative but we also have to accept and adapt to the changes.


  2. I really like the ideas that you’ve laid out here for what you’d like to do in the classroom and that you have delved into being self aware regarding the need to learn classroom management. I am confident that you will get there. I’d like to hear more about the things you’d like to implement in your classroom in future posts. For next time maybe format your post into separate paragraphs as I found I got last a few times.


  3. I like the idea of creating a list of classroom rules with the students. I find that, more often than not, teachers do not actually lay out a concrete set of rules; rather, the classroom rules are just assumed between the teacher and the students. When this happens, classroom rules lose their purpose. However, if students are involved in the rule-making process, it would hold students accountable for their own behaviour.


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