Goals for my ECS 300 placement

My first and foremost concern going into this is an irrational fear of only explaining concepts and not having the kids understand. I already have one lesson under my belt from last year. The last session of my ECS 100 placement, the co-op teacher asked my partner and I each to do a lesson. At the time I was nervous because no one else in the class had to do any lesson planning but now I’m incredibly grateful for the experience.

My first goal is to use different and new strategies to convey the information in my lessons. I’m very use to lectures as the majority of my high school was very traditionally lecture based but I understand that that doesn’t work for everyone. I will achieve my goal by using at least one “non traditional” method of conveying information in each lesson such as pair and share, games, and different activities and handouts. This will help create a more adaptive dimension for my teaching and will hopefully calm my irrational fears.

My second goal is to use formative assessment more to help me know if the students are retaining the information in meaningful and relevant ways. Through this course I’ve become very interested in assessments and the different forms for different students. I will use at least one formative assessment each week/lesson to achieve this goal. I feel that this will help me understand how my students learn better and will be a very useful tool for me as I only see them one time a week.

My third and final goal is time management. I’m used to kids timing from working in a daycare for a year and a half but not so much in the classroom. I’m excited to be making lessons and hopefully be getting more comfortable teaching but along with my fears comes the thought that my lessons will be too short. Again this is in relation to getting to know my students because each classroom has a rhythm. Creating fail-proof lesson plans that have back-ups will be a key element of my time management. In my experience this is most effectively achieved through pre conferencing and post conferencing with the co-op teacher. The data collection for this is the most lucrative of all my goals but will probably just end up being the notes made on my lesson plans. This will be observed through the classroom management and how effective I can make the classroom.


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